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Jinanjalie Dissanayake (Jinji) PNC1, CRC1

Certified Trauma informed Recovery and Resilience Practitioner


Certified Bioenergetics Practitioner ( NES Practitioner)

Integrative Somatic Parts Work for Transformative Emotional Regulation

Functional, Somatic breathwork, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist - Mindful Posture and Movement 


Certified Food, Lifestyle & wellness Coach using biochemical nutritional approaches for Recovery, Fasting Preparation and Wellbeing


My Heart Sees Your Heart!

Welcome! I am thrilled to have you here. 


I am dedicated to helping you embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being by integrating body, mind, and spirit for long lasting wellness.

As a Certified Integrative Somatic Parts Works Mentor, I am passionate about safely and gently guiding you to build awareness and understanding about the intricate connection between your body and mind while honoring the role that the nervous system plays in helping  you gain joy and vitality. I believe that true healing occurs when we acknowledge and integrate all aspects of ourselves, by accepting our parts in all its glorious wholeness and by gently uncovering the wisdom held within each and everyone of us. The safest and quickest way to rewiring our nervous systems for safety is though somatic practice. It is a beautiful experience, a liberating a sense of empowerment,

self agency and freedom.

In addition to somatic work, trauma informed breathwork and mindfulness are powerful tools that can bring about deep relaxation, stress reduction, and emotional release which directly impact sleep and recovery. Integrating the somatic parts work with breathing and mindfulness practices creates a powerful tool for building sense of regulation, presence, inner peace, and self-awareness. Learning how to do breathwork in a trauma informed way keeps your nervous system regulated while unlocking the potential of the healing power of your breath.

I recognize all too well the impact of stress and overwhelm on our lives, It affects us physically, emotionally and psychologically, and my aim is to create a supportive safe and inclusive environment where you can address your adaptive coping mechanisms, laid down in the childhood years, that rule how we live our lives today. Yes! We all have these coping mechanisms, many that we are not even aware of as being coping mechanisms. They help us get through the day and each day after that.....! It helps us survive. If we are coping which is to say we are in protective survival mode, we are definitely not healing. Using trauma-informed approaches, we can work collaboratively to restore a sense of safety, connection and regulation, develop toolkits unique to you to bring you into a healing state and build your capacity for resilience, joy and wellbeing.


Every nervous system has the ability to repair and rewire.


Bioenergetics seeks to address imbalances and blockages within the body's subtle energy systems, promoting harmony and vitality. Through this modality, we can explore your energetic patterns and utilize targeted interventions to restore balance and optimize your flow of your life force.


When the biology is out of balance then healing feels like pushing a rock uphill. Gaps in our biochemistry means that the body does not have the necessary raw materials for optimum health. Sleep, nutrition, movement and stress are some aspects of the aspects that have major impacts on the biology. Aligning your unique needs and goals with core sustainable changes will nurture your body and enhance your vitality.


When all three aspects - the Biology, the Bioenergetics (the quantum energy) and a nervous system wired for safety and connection are restored, you open up your individual transformational pathway to true wellbeing. 

I hope you can join me on this gentle, supportive and profound healing journey. 


My heart truly sees your heart,


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