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Coming Home To The Body

Re-wiring the nervous system for a felt sense of safety and support

A 14 day Beginners Online Immersive Somatic Workshop

Starts 1st to 14th December at 6pm EST

This introductory course is designed for those who want to learn how to build awareness of, track, and distinguish between the three different states of your nervous system and learn and practice how to use somatic tools to self-regulate your nervous system. Learn how to show love and compassion to yourself.


It is an experiential program that will teach you how to tap into your nervous system and build awareness of how to start to shift old energy-draining patterns that keep you stuck in stress and overwhelm so that your efforts to heal are better utilized while helping you feel noticeably calmer and composed.

  • Stay regulated during times of stress and chaos

  • Face the normal challenges of life confidently

  • Make better choices and think clearly

  • Have better sleep

  • Feel more connected to the significant people in your life

  • Reduce worry and anxiety

  • Accountability and support to build a consistent self care practise

  • Learn how to stop being in the head and how to drop down into the body



(Discounted from $399)

  • Live guided 30-minute sessions every day for 14 days – Value $1050  

  • Lifetime access to the program recordings that you can access from anywhere at any time using the Simply Wellness Hub app – priceless

  • Access to a community of like-minded wellness seekers in a safe, supportive, and inclusive space to help inspire, motivate, and support you on your wellness journey -is priceless


  • 30 mins Live Q & A and Share time on the 7th and 12th day  – value $300

  • Priority access to future limited place programs

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